Sugo is not just a new magazine: above all it's a new magazine and for this reason, maybe, it's easier to define it by negation. It is not a magazine dedicated to a specific subject or to a unique discipline; it doesn't cover only one field of expression or one culture. The name itself, Sugo (sauce) represents well the spirit of the magazine: a balanced mix of various ingredients, each of them with their own characteristics that, all together, will make an inviting magazine, always different, surprising and which speaks about something necessary, interesting, fresh and new.
Sugo goes through all the different expressions of visual arts - namely graphic-design, web design, photography, illustration, contemporary art, video, industrial design but also, why not? music, writing and cookery - with a special eye to the emerging trends. In a period in which visual communication is playing an increasing role in all the fields of our daily life and the borders among the different disciplines are going to disappear, Sugo represents a unique project in the Italian editorial panorama and reflects the evolution of the contemporary culture.